The AACP Annual Meeting is the largest gathering of academic pharmacy administrators, faculty and staff, and each year offers 100 or more educational programs that cut across all disciplines. If your organization is interested in gaining visibility with 2,500 leaders in pharmacy education, then we invite you to participate as a sponsor and exhibitor at AACP's Annual Meeting.

Job Titles in Attendance

Who Should Exhibit?

  • Education technology vendors

  • Pharmacy employers

  • Pharmacy technology vendors

  • Publishers

  • Education consulting services

  • Pharmacy or education-related trade associations

  • Healthcare vendors

  • Colleges and schools of pharmacy

  • Government agencies

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Why Exhibit?

The AACP Annual Meeting is your chance to:


with more than 2,500 educators from 142 colleges and schools of pharmacy.


with key decision-makers.
Pharmacy schools’ annual budgets average $27.2  million.


with educators using technology in and out of the classroom.
Pharmacy educators reach students through simulations, virtual learning and gaming.


about cutting-edge research at pharmacy programs.
On average, pharmacy schools receive $430 million in annual funding from NIH and other sources.


your programs and products to interested and responsive attendees.
AACP stimulates booth traffic with proven incentives and exhibit hall enhancements.


valuable relationships for current and future projects.
More than 85% of attendees report working with exhibitors on projects.